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Reinforcement: the limits on individual test results

Eurocode 2 part 1-1: Design of concrete structures   C.1 (3) - Annex C (normative)

EN 10080 does not specify the quantile value for characteristic values, nor the evaluation of test results for individual test units.

In order to be deemed to comply with the long term quality levels in Table C.1, the following limits on test results should be applied:

  • where all individual test results of a test unit exceed the characteristic value, (or are below the characteristic value in the case the maximum value of fyk or k) the test unit may be assumed to comply,
  • the individual values of yield strength fy and εu should be greater than the minimum values and less than the maximum values. In addition, the mean value, M, of a test unit should satisfy the equation:
M ≥ Cv + a (C.3)


is the long term characteristic value
is a coefficient which depends on the parameter considered.


The recommended value of a for fyk is 10 MPa, and for both k and εuk is 0.

The recommended values of the minimum and maximum fyk, k and εuk are given in Table C.3N

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